Holotka the Cougar

Like a menopausal Rebecca Black with money to burn and a staggering amount of self-confidence, a new singer called Holotka the Cougar has burst onto the musical scene. I am simultaneously terrified and inspired by this video. Please to enjoy the overly auto-tuned musical stylings of her NSFW song “Bitch It Up.”

Note: Though absolutely TERRIBLE, this song is diabolically catchy. Consider yourself warned.


I don’t understand why they keep kicking me out of Forever 21. 

2 Comments on “Holotka the Cougar”

  1. Joe Rocco says:

    Holotka the Cougar really needs to find her a Tony the Tiger to tame that middle-aged puss puss down. She’s out of control. I am literally shaking in my Eastern European Versace knock-off work boots.

    • Mandy F. says:

      I love that video but every time I watch it I keep thinking that Chris Hansen is going to bust in with the To Catch a Predator crew – “Ma’am, I need you to unhand that teenager and take a seat.”

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