Body of Tiny Winged Humanoid Found in Mexico?

Paranormal researchers in Mexico claim to have found the body of a tiny winged humanoid. X-rays revealed a skeleton inside the figure, bolstering the researchers’ claims that it is the remains of a real-life fairy. Winged-Creature-from-Mexico

Tinker Bell has really let herself go. 

Check out the video below:



Giant Kraken Captured by Google Earth?

Google Earth photos taken near Antarctica show what some cryptozoologists believe may be a real Kraken, a mythical giant sea squid that attacked ships and were greatly feared by 18th century sailors.


I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going. (Yep, that joke never gets old.) 

Of course, the picture is causing debate in the paranormal researcher community, with some claiming that the photo actually shows a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object, AKA an underwater UFO) rising from the sea.


Seems legit. 

Here is the actual photo. What do you think it is?


Is “splashy wet flipper monster” a real thing? 

Chinese Ghost Marriage

In the creepiest thing to happen to marriage since Dr. Phil, Chinese families worried that their deceased single relatives will haunt them from the afterlife are arranging marriages for them. To other dead people.

Chinese families are paying big bucks to “matchmakers” who then find their post-mortem loved one a suitable spouse. Then a typical wedding is held, with music, food and dancing. Presumably to “Thriller.”

Though the practice was outlawed in 1949, it’s come back in big way with the resurgence of the Chinese economy. Most of the time, the bride’s family digs her up so she can be re-buried with her new husband.

However, if a bride can’t be located for their deceased would-be groom, some families will flat-out buy a female corpse bride to bury him with. Which has created a brisk market for – you guessed it – dead Chinese ladies. Grave robbers are now digging up female corpses to sell to families looking for a spouse for their dead loved one. Which, ironically, sounds like a prime recipe for one pissed-off lady ghost haunting your family.


“But Dr. Phil, she just lies there…”

Man Dies at Zombie Convention


How could they tell?  

Lizard Man Sighted in South Carolina?

A woman leaving church in Bishopville, South Carolina, recently snapped a photo of what some are calling the area’s legendary Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp. Or what is clearly the cheesiest costume in recent monster hoaxer history.


Sid and Marty Kroft could not be reached for comment. 

The Mysterious Life and Death of Jeffrey Alan Lash

(Sorry, kids. Sea Monster Monday has temporarily been pre-empted by a breaking story too weird not to report. It will be back next week.)

On Friday, July 17, Los Angeles police found the remains of a man decomposing in his car, which had been parked in front of his Pacific Palisades home a few weeks earlier. The deceased – a 60-year-old white male identified as Jeffrey Alan Lash – died on July 4 and directed his fiancée and his assistant to leave his body in the car and get out of town, as his “government handlers” would take care of it. They did as told, because they believed his stories about being a part-alien secret agent who worked for an unnamed spy agency. The police have released a statement that Lash did not work for any government agency. (Like they would admit it.)

While investigating his home for foul play, police found:

  • More than 1,200 guns worth $1 million
  • $230,000 in cash
  • Two tons of ammunition, including bows and arrows, knives, and machetes
  • Evidence that he owned 14 vehicles stashed around the city, including a Toyota retrofitted to be driven underwater.


Lash’s unusually large gun collection, AKA a “Texas starter kit.” 

According to tenants at his former residence, he drove a different new vehicle almost every month; the vehicles never had plates. Neighbors knew him as “Skinny Bob” – a friendly local gun nut who claimed to work for the CIA, dressed all in black and seemed a bit jumpy. Police have confirmed that he was not a gun runner or drug dealer and no one can determine where his sizable fortune came from.

Some of the even weirder aspects of the case that – if one were a conspiracy theory fan – might lend credence to Lash’s claims of being a human-alien hybrid super spy:

  • His  father, a microbiologist, owned a medical laboratory. (Which would be convenient for gene-splicing.)
  • Neighbors thought he was dying of cancer but Lash told his fiancée that his condition was caused by exposure to nerve-damaging chemicals during one of his missions.
  • Employees of a local Italian restaurant frequented by Lash and his fiancée revealed that he invariably ordered the same dish for every meal – raw filet mignon.
  • In this selfie-crazed age, the only photo that can be produced of Lash is a blurry driver license picture provided by his attorney.


Seems legit. 

Was Lash a wealthy eccentric with a taste for raw meat or an alien-hybrid secret agent whose handlers dropped the ball on body retrieval duty? I’m leaning toward alien-hybrid… but that’s just me.

Mysterious Structure Found in Ancient Lake

Scientists are baffled by a mysterious stone structure recently discovered at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Comprised of basalt stones, the enormous circular structure – with a 230-foot circumference – rises to a height of 32 feet and is estimated to weigh 60,000 tons. 

Twice the size of Stonehenge, the structure is estimated to be between 2,000 to 12,000 years old. Investigating archeologists have no idea who built it or what purpose it served.


I assume it’s a Starbucks.

Your Day in Oddness: Project MK Ultra Begins

Project MK Ultra (AKA the CIA’s in-no-way heinous mind control experiment) was officially sanctioned on this day in 1953. The project involved the CIA secretly performing experiments (including torture, sexual abuse and administering mind-altering substances) on U.S. and Canadian citizens. At least one subject — CIA employee Frank Olson — jumped to his death from a 13th story window after the CIA secretly slipped LSD into his drink. So, I guess the moral of this post is:


Especially the sketchy guy at the bar who keeps whispering into his lapel and sending you Appletini’s.

Huge Swastika Found in Bottom of Pool in Brazil

Police helicopters in Brazil doing a sweep over a posh neighborhood were startled to spot a large swastika painted at the bottom of a swimming pool. The house with the pool is located in the Santa Catarina region, which has a long history of immigration from — you guessed it — Germany.

bad pool

Elderly “Herr Smith” was banned from the Christmas pageant for repeatedly trying to herd Joseph and Mary into a local bakery. 

TAKE THE POLL: Man Threatens to Shoot Dog, Instead Shoots Self in Face

In an early Thanksgiving Day present to dog lovers, a Florida man recently killed himself while threatening a dog with a gun.

Dennis Emery was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife earlier this week. Upset over excessive barking, Emery made his point in a gentlemanly fashion by pulling a loaded gun on an unarmed woman and several small dogs. Accounts vary on what happened next, but after bravely holding a tiny dog at gunpoint, he then reversed the gun to look down the barrel and it went off — killing him instantly.

Shockingly (said no one) several criminal charges, including aggravated assault, were pending at the time of his demise. His wife and all dogs were unharmed, said officers on-scene… after they stopped laughing.

Dennis Eugene Emery, shown during Oct. 17 arrest, died when police say he accidentally shot himself in the face during an argument with his wife.

Pictured: gallantry.

Take the pre-Thanksgiving poll and tell me what you think happened to Prince Valiant up there.