New Loch Ness Monster Sighting?

My favorite sea monster experts – Bill and Bob Clark of SF Sea Serpent – just alerted me to a buzzy new photo of Nessie that’s just hit the Internet.

Naysayers are claiming that it is just a photo of seals, but last I heard seals were not in the habit of synchronized swimming. In a straight line.


Legendary loch monster or frolicking seals in a perfect queue? You be the judge.







Body of Tiny Winged Humanoid Found in Mexico?

Paranormal researchers in Mexico claim to have found the body of a tiny winged humanoid. X-rays revealed a skeleton inside the figure, bolstering the researchers’ claims that it is the remains of a real-life fairy. Winged-Creature-from-Mexico

Tinker Bell has really let herself go. 

Check out the video below:



Giant Kraken Captured by Google Earth?

Google Earth photos taken near Antarctica show what some cryptozoologists believe may be a real Kraken, a mythical giant sea squid that attacked ships and were greatly feared by 18th century sailors.


I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going. (Yep, that joke never gets old.) 

Of course, the picture is causing debate in the paranormal researcher community, with some claiming that the photo actually shows a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object, AKA an underwater UFO) rising from the sea.


Seems legit. 

Here is the actual photo. What do you think it is?


Is “splashy wet flipper monster” a real thing? 

Amityville Horror House Now For Sale

The house that inspired the book “The Amityville Horror: A True Story” is now for sale. This little gem can be yours for under $1 million and is “safe for children”, according to the listing agent



The five-bedroom house was the scene of a horrific murder in 1974, when Ronald DeFeo shot his entire family to death as they slept. According to paranormal researchers, it’s a haunted magnet for evil. But, hey… heated sunroom.

There’s also the matter of this infamous photo taken after the crime that purportedly shows one of the murdered children, peering around a doorway.



And the house is a bargain at only $850,000! Usually you have to pay extra for a creepy Hell Portal. Can’t wait to see this one on House Hunters.

Chinese Ghost Marriage

In the creepiest thing to happen to marriage since Dr. Phil, Chinese families worried that their deceased single relatives will haunt them from the afterlife are arranging marriages for them. To other dead people.

Chinese families are paying big bucks to “matchmakers” who then find their post-mortem loved one a suitable spouse. Then a typical wedding is held, with music, food and dancing. Presumably to “Thriller.”

Though the practice was outlawed in 1949, it’s come back in big way with the resurgence of the Chinese economy. Most of the time, the bride’s family digs her up so she can be re-buried with her new husband.

However, if a bride can’t be located for their deceased would-be groom, some families will flat-out buy a female corpse bride to bury him with. Which has created a brisk market for – you guessed it – dead Chinese ladies. Grave robbers are now digging up female corpses to sell to families looking for a spouse for their dead loved one. Which, ironically, sounds like a prime recipe for one pissed-off lady ghost haunting your family.


“But Dr. Phil, she just lies there…”



Not to have a huge fangirl spaz attack, but OOOOOMMMMGGG! It’s almost here! 😱👽😱 

Legendary Lake Granbury Monster Sighted?

Keen-eyed FOB (Friend of the Blog) Kevin Pendergraft took this photo today (Sunday, 12/20/15) at Lake Granbury.

Is it a weirdly shaped tree stump or the legendary Lake Granbury known as “One Eye”? (Click here to read an article by monster hunter Nick Redfern on the legend.)

Although I’m 90% sure it’s just a stump, I really, really want this to be a monster. It would be a Christmas miracle!

Photo credit: Kevin Pendergraft. And possibly Santa. 


Bottled Water From Loch Ness Now Available

Some very clever Scottish entrepreneurs have begun bottling and selling drinking water from Loch Ness. Of course, the water is filtered and purified before bottling, so there’s little chance of finding a stray scale or mysterious claw in your bottle. (Much to the disappointment of Nessie fans everywhere.)


I’d  pay extra for claw. 

Chewbacca Arrested


Man Dies at Zombie Convention


How could they tell?