Ghost-Hunting Web-Cams

Just in time for Halloween, check out a variety of spooky web-cams, including Ireland’s LepreCham, the live-stream VampCam (featuring adorable vampire bats), and the Gettysburg BattleCam, which scans the battlefield for Civil War spirits.

ghost selfie-2

Ghost selfie. 

Killing Bigfoot This Friday

A new cryptozoology documentary airs this Friday, Oct. 24, on the Destination America cable network. Set in Texas and Louisiana, the show follows the hunters/trackers of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) as they scour the woods for a Yeti to shoot. That sounds heartless, but their premise is that they are basically paranormal exterminators who are only out to kill “nuisance” Sasquatches.

Depending on their definition of “nuisance”, I fully support this.
Have you heard the Good News about Jehovah?”

Weirdo Book Club: Poor Man’s Paranormal

The Poor Man’s Paranormal is a guide featuring instructions on how to turn common household items into handy-dandy ghost-busting equipment. Written for the “paranormal MacGyver”, this manual claims to be able to show you how to:

  • Use a flashlight to communicate with the dead,
  • Create a “ghost trap” using a jar and aluminum foil,
  • Use a necklace to tap into your psychic abilities, and
  • Communicate with the Beyond using only toilet paper, flour, balloons, and a wristwatch.


I honestly want to buy this just to see how the balloons come into play.

Homer Simpson: Gourmand


Dear Japan: I Love You, Part 2

Continuing in their tireless quest to freak the rest of us out, Japan recently introduced the world to the most metal meal ever — the all-black cheeseburger. Available at Japanese Burger Kings (and presumably the seventh level of Hell), the black cheeseburger features an ebony bun and cheese made with bamboo charcoal, because of course.

Oh, Japan… shine on you crazy diamond.

black cheeseburger

Test marketing was discontinued in the U.S. because it kept getting shot by the police. 

Your Day in Oddness: The Snail Telegraph

On this day in 1851, an unusual device called the Pasilalinic-sympathetic compass was demonstrated. Nicknamed the Snail Telegraph, the machine supposedly demonstrated telepathic communication by clairvoyant snails. In a shock to no one ever, the machine was later proven to be a hoax.   054087-giant-snail After budget cuts, hiring policies at The Psychic Network took an ugly turn.