Lights in the Sky: San Francisco Edition

Bay area residents were startled early Friday (09/13/14) morning to see a mysterious fireball shooting over the sky.  Multiple witnesses described the object as a white light with fog or smoke billowing out of it.

“I am used to seeing planes early in the morning with lights, but this was different,” said one bystander. “This had something coming out of it, it wasn’t just the light. I could see it spraying something.”

Witnesses in Nevada and Oregon also reported seeing the object. The U.S. Air Force confirmed that there were no missile launches from the closest base – Vandenberg A.F.B. – that morning.

Local astronomers reported that it was a meteorite. But that doesn’t explain the spraying. So what was this object and – more importantly – what was it spraying over a California town last week?


Glade’s marketing campaign for its new Moonlight Breeze scent has gone horribly awry.   

Fun Fact of the Day: RoboCop Trivia

Because the bottom half of the RoboCop suit was too bulky to fit into a squad car, every time you see RoboCop driving in the film, he’s not wearing pants.


I dropped my badge – could you help me find it, Miss? It’s shaped like a wrench.

New Mexico UFO Conference – Oct. 4, 2014

The 2014 New Mexico UFO Conference will be held in Rio Rancho, NM next month. Not only does it feature some pretty awesome UFO-book authors as speakers, the evening will end with an after-dark field trip to a “secret” air base near Albuquerque to witness mysterious test flights. Not sure how secret the Manzano-Sandia testing facility can be if I know about it, but I still want to go. 🙂


New Mexico: Come for the Hatch chilies, stay for the UFO lectures. 



My UFO Story: AKA Comet 289

I was in my backyard last Thursday night (08/28/14) wrangling dogs, when I saw the proverbial “lights in the sky.” At first, I thought it was the moon until I realized that the moon was shining in the sky behind me. I was standing there in the dark, completely transfixed by this thin crescent of light glowing against the night sky. Suddenly, it shrank down into a single orb of intense light and… vanished.

I stood there for a full minute afterward, completely unnerved and wondering if I had just had my first UFO sighting. I was half stoked and half freaked out.

Tragically – for me, at least – there is evidence that what I witnessed was most likely the perihelion of a rare comet called Comet 289/Blanpain. Which is pretty disappointing. If you’re going to witness a mysterious comet, you’re really hoping it will be named something more dramatic, like Frankenstein Thunderhammer or Blaze Destiny’Boom. *Sigh*


Professor Frink: “That comet is headed straight for us, with the fire and the impact and the 100% chance of pain… pain in the glavin!”

Note: Blaze Destiny’Boom is officially now my stripper name.