Lights in the Sky: San Francisco Edition

Bay area residents were startled early Friday (09/13/14) morning to see a mysterious fireball shooting over the sky.  Multiple witnesses described the object as a white light with fog or smoke billowing out of it.

“I am used to seeing planes early in the morning with lights, but this was different,” said one bystander. “This had something coming out of it, it wasn’t just the light. I could see it spraying something.”

Witnesses in Nevada and Oregon also reported seeing the object. The U.S. Air Force confirmed that there were no missile launches from the closest base – Vandenberg A.F.B. – that morning.

Local astronomers reported that it was a meteorite. But that doesn’t explain the spraying. So what was this object and – more importantly – what was it spraying over a California town last week?


Glade’s marketing campaign for its new Moonlight Breeze scent has gone horribly awry.   

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