Dear Japan: I Love You, Part 2

Continuing in their tireless quest to freak the rest of us out, Japan recently introduced the world to the most metal meal ever — the all-black cheeseburger. Available at Japanese Burger Kings (and presumably the seventh level of Hell), the black cheeseburger features an ebony bun and cheese made with bamboo charcoal, because of course.

Oh, Japan… shine on you crazy diamond.

black cheeseburger

Test marketing was discontinued in the U.S. because it kept getting shot by the police. 

2 Comments on “Dear Japan: I Love You, Part 2”

  1. “Test marketing was discontinued in the U.S. because it kept getting shot by the police.”

    <—– Lol!! You totally went there.

    As far as the burger it looks horribe, I'd definitely try it though just so I could tell the story later. If Gordon Ramsay can survive Kitchen Nightmares for who knows how many seasons then I could survive whatever flavor this burger ends up being. Surprised the cheese isn't made out of nori or something …not that bamboo charcoal sounds any better.

  2. Mandy F. says:

    “<—– Lol!! You totally went there." I had to, Anita. That joke just wrote itself. : )

    Agreed. I would eat that just to say that I did. Although I am wondering why they didn't use regular cheese and color it with squid ink to make it black. Charcoal sounds distinctly non-tasty to me. But they also love octopus ice cream in Japan, so maybe bamboo coal is a flavor sensation over there…

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