Chinese Ghost Marriage

In the creepiest thing to happen to marriage since Dr. Phil, Chinese families worried that their deceased single relatives will haunt them from the afterlife are arranging marriages for them. To other dead people.

Chinese families are paying big bucks to “matchmakers” who then find their post-mortem loved one a suitable spouse. Then a typical wedding is held, with music, food and dancing. Presumably to “Thriller.”

Though the practice was outlawed in 1949, it’s come back in big way with the resurgence of the Chinese economy. Most of the time, the bride’s family digs her up so she can be re-buried with her new husband.

However, if a bride can’t be located for their deceased would-be groom, some families will flat-out buy a female corpse bride to bury him with. Which has created a brisk market for – you guessed it – dead Chinese ladies. Grave robbers are now digging up female corpses to sell to families looking for a spouse for their dead loved one. Which, ironically, sounds like a prime recipe for one pissed-off lady ghost haunting your family.


“But Dr. Phil, she just lies there…”