Man Dies at Zombie Convention


How could they tell?  

FEMA Planning Zombie UFO Crash Site Drills?

Now I love zombies as much as the next person, but this is a little creepy.  A gentleman named David VanDerBeek is running for Governor of Nevada in 2014. On his website, VanDerBeek claims that he found a page on FEMA’s site that listed plans for a disaster drill called — and I quote  — ZOMBIE UFO CRASH DISASTER FULL-SCALE EXERCISE. (See screenshot below.) He says that when he contacted FEMA for more information, they took the page down.

So either this guy’s a gubernatorial conspiracy nut with mad Photoshop skillz, or FEMA has a better sense of humor than we’ve been led to believe. This makes no sense. A zombie disaster drill? Sure. A UFO crash response exercise? Duh. (I’ve been to Roswell. I didn’t just fall off the alien turnip truck.)

But a Zombie UFO Crash drill? That’s just ridiculous. Zombies don’t have the motor skills required to fly a UFO. Everyone knows that.


This had better be fake. I have no idea how to fight off intergalactic zombies.