TAKE THE POLL: Man Threatens to Shoot Dog, Instead Shoots Self in Face

In an early Thanksgiving Day present to dog lovers, a Florida man recently killed himself while threatening a dog with a gun.

Dennis Emery was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife earlier this week. Upset over excessive barking, Emery made his point in a gentlemanly fashion by pulling a loaded gun on an unarmed woman and several small dogs. Accounts vary on what happened next, but after bravely holding a tiny dog at gunpoint, he then reversed the gun to look down the barrel and it went off — killing him instantly.

Shockingly (said no one) several criminal charges, including aggravated assault, were pending at the time of his demise. His wife and all dogs were unharmed, said officers on-scene… after they stopped laughing.

Dennis Eugene Emery, shown during Oct. 17 arrest, died when police say he accidentally shot himself in the face during an argument with his wife.

Pictured: gallantry.

Take the pre-Thanksgiving poll and tell me what you think happened to Prince Valiant up there.

4 Comments on “TAKE THE POLL: Man Threatens to Shoot Dog, Instead Shoots Self in Face”

  1. paywindow7 says:

    So is the picture shown above that of the off the scale stupid, way drunk, idiot that looked down the barrel of a loaded pistol or is it of the dog? Little hard to tell at this head on angle.

  2. paywindow7 says:

    I’ll bet the dog laughed his ass off.

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