Badger Parade!

This is why I love the English. Only those wacky Brits could turn an animal’s rights protest into a dramatic spectacle that ended with ladies chasing far-right extremists away from a hate rally. While dressed as badgers. 

The badger brigade (led, oddly enough, by the guitarist from Queen) crashed a political clash between the right-wing British National Party (BNP) and left-wing groups such as Hope Not Hate to protest a government-sponsored cull on badgers. The costumed gatecrashers completely took over the rally, and ended up chasing the right-wing protesters away, leaving one right-wing asshat with a bloody nose. All while  — and I cannot stress this point enough — dressed as freaking BADGERS.


Simultaneously routing evil, protecting wildlife, and dressing up in provocative badger costumes. Multi-tasking, bitches! 

(This post is dedicated to my favorite badger, Captain Stubing, from The Salton Sea.)

3 Comments on “Badger Parade!”

  1. paywindow7 says:

    Badgers? Huh. Leave it to the Brits to get the animal suits wrong.

  2. Anita says:

    The only way it would have been better is if they were doing the ‘Badger Mushroom Snaaaake’ song/dance at the same time.

  3. Mandy F. says:

    Ha! That would have been hilarious. The politician they beat up could have been the snake. 🙂

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