Behold The World’s Most Terrifying Adopt-a-Highway Campaign

A group of New York Satanists is petitioning the state to let them adopt a stretch of highway. (Please note that I am not making any Highway to Hell jokes here. It’s too easy.) They’ve set up an indiegogo page to raise the money they need. They also hired someone — I am guessing Rob Zombie — to film the CREEPIEST highway campaign ad ever.

Goth Satanists

It’s either us or the Rotary Club. 

4 Comments on “Behold The World’s Most Terrifying Adopt-a-Highway Campaign”

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  3. Anita says:

    Clicking through from one of the links in the post eventually lead me to this picture:

    Aaaand now I think I’ve had enough internet for the day lol.

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