Spooky Jewel-Encrusted Saint Skeletons Found In Catacombs

In a particularly morbid find, a 400-year-old collection of heavily jeweled skeletons has been discovered in Europe. The bodies of Catholic martyrs and saints were meticulously decorated with precious jewels, pearls and crowns centuries ago and displayed for the poor to worship. Which in no way is a dick move by the Church at all.

St. Benedictus

Are we sure this isn’t what’s left of Liberace?

Some of them were displayed in rather flamboyant costumes.

St. Deodatus

Breast plate? Check. Hoop skirt? Check. Pimp cup. Check. Now, who’s ready to get saintly all up in here? 

And some were arranged in inexplicably hilarious, come-hither poses.

Just kickin' it, saint style

“How YOU doin’?”    

5 Comments on “Spooky Jewel-Encrusted Saint Skeletons Found In Catacombs”

  1. kapple1@earthlink.net says:


  2. Mandy F. says:

    They made the nuns do it. Bedazzling dead bodies would that be the grossest job ever.

  3. Bling! Nightmares have never been so shiny.

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