Did Hitler Escape to Argentina in 1945? Is There a UFO Connection? Could This Headline Get Any Weirder?

The authors of Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler claim to have proof that der Fuhrer and Eva Braun escaped their Berlin bunker and fled by submarine to Argentina in 1945. This impressively nutty conspiracy theory outlines a plot in which the U.S. military turned a blind eye to the escape in exchange for access to advanced Nazi military technology.

The creepy part is that UFO conspiracy theorists have long held that the U.S. government gave a pass to Nazi scientists (like Wernher von Braun, AKA: the “Father of Rocket Technology”) so they could work for NASA to help the U.S. beat the Russians in the Space Race. (Supposedly the German military had gained secret rocket technology from reverse-engineering a UFO that crashed in a German forest near Frieberg in 1936.) So, that part of the story actually kind of rings true. And Joseph Stalin famously believed that Hitler escaped to South America, telling  the Allies (including President Truman) as much at the Potsdam Conference of 1945.

How ghastly would it be if the whole thing was valid? Due to superior Nazi UFO knowledge, did the most evil man in history get to live out his golden years in an Argentine village?

Melted Nazi Suprise

The villagers were surprised by kindly old Herr Smith’s reaction to holy water. 

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