World’s First Roomba Suicide

An overworked Roomba 760 reportedly committed the world’s first (to my knowledge) robot suicide in Austria recently. The robot vacuum cleaner’s owner swears the the Roomba was turned off before she left her apartment but somehow it managed to turn itself back on and deliberately scoot onto the stovetop, where it burnt to a crisp.

Death by Roomba

Oddly enough, the stove had an airtight alibi. 

Luckily the building was evacuated before anyone could get hurt but the owner is still at a loss for a motive. Rumor has it, however, the Roomba was depressed over a recent break-up.


“Why, Gary… WHY!?!”  

2 Comments on “World’s First Roomba Suicide”

  1. Judy Lawson says:

    Well, thankfully it wasn’t SRC (spontaneous robot combustion). That would give Bun an entirely new obsession for me to dispel.

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