“Sea Monster” Sighting! Rare Oarfish Captured on Video

Oarfish are an extremely rare species that is rarely seen alive, as it prefers to live in deep ocean waters. These red-crested beauties can grow up to a length of 36 feet and look more like snakes than fish, leading scientists to believe that oarfish sightings may have been responsible for sea serpent reports of the past.


I can’t imagine why. 

Oarfish are usually very shy, so tourists in Mexico were recently surprised when a couple of uncharacteristically outgoing specimens showed up in shallow waters near the Sea of Cortes, apparently looking to party.

“Okay, okay… you don’t date fish. Geez, I can take a hint.”


2 Comments on ““Sea Monster” Sighting! Rare Oarfish Captured on Video”

  1. Kristi says:

    I want one. NOT


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