I’m a Fort Worth-based writer who loves all things mysterious and paranormal. When I was 8, my Mom gave me a book called Strange Stories, Amazing Facts. I read it from cover to cover, and I’ve been crazy about paranormal research/topics ever since. So naturally, I’m a huge fan of Elvis, Bigfoot, and the show Supernatural. Duh. 😉

The title of this blog is taken from second to last final public speech JFK gave before he was killed. After spending the night at the Hotel Texas (now a Hilton) in FW, he spoke to a crowd that had gathered that  chilly morning outside the hotel, braving the rain to hear him speak. JFK was moved by the crowd’s fortitude and began his speech with this beautifully alliterative statement: “Ladies and gentlemen, there are no faint hearts in Fort Worth and I appreciate you being here this morning.” Truer words were never spoken — Fort Worth is one of the coolest cities in the world and I’m very proud to live here.

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  1. Albie says:

    Cool blog, Amanda!

  2. Mandy F. says:

    Thanks, Albie! 🙂

  3. paywindow7 says:

    I’ve just found your blog and now I’m a certified, card carrying follower. I’m also from Ft. Worth so I look forward to future posts.

    • Mandy F. says:

      Thank you so much for reading. Very exciting to have a fellow Panther City resident on board! I look forward to yr future posts, as well. 🙂

      • paywindow7 says:

        Hey Mandy, I have a question. After reading your posts It appears to me, the newbie to your blog, that you have a large interest in the “bigfoot phenomena”. I had an experience many years ago that I could never explain to myself and over time it faded into the dust covered files of my memories. However in the last few years it has resurrected itself and continues to bang on the counter for service and resolution. I was going to write a post about it on my blog but it would never be seen there and I’m wondering if your blog or one of the links you have listed in your categories section would be better.
        Your advice and suggestions would be appreciated.

        Thanks in advance

  4. Mandy F. says:

    Hey, Bob
    That is really cool that you’ve had a Bigfoot experience. Why don’t you write it up and I’ll post it listing you as author and Guest Blogger. (I’ll add a link to your blog, as well.)

    Also, I strongly suggest that email your story to the North American Wood Ape Conservancy website (formerly Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy) at http://www.woodape.org.

    • paywindow7 says:

      Thanks Mandy, I’ll attach the post using the “Reply” function of one of your emails. In the spirit of full disclosure I must tell you that there is nothing profound about the experience, just something that was heard. Once you read it you may decide it’s not worth posting on your blog and I will understand and respect decision. But what was heard has stuck with me for many years for whatever that’s worth. Also I’ll look up the link you suggested.
      I’ll send it to you later today.

  5. joseasanoj says:

    Good Posts..
    Sanoj Jose (Author, My Day Out With An Angel)

  6. Thoughtlife says:

    Pretty cool way to title a blog. Like it plenty.

  7. Hi! Am enjoying your site muchly… thanks for dropping by my site. Check out the poems under the Hominarium section – they are cryptohominidesque…

  8. paywindow7 says:

    Sorry for the delay , I’ve been trying to reply to the question you posted on August 3rd but have not been able to do so for various reasons. Did I mention that my computer and internet skills are Jurassic? Anyway I wrote about my “bigfoot encounter” and intended to post it on my blog and then made the mistake reading it. Tried writing it in different ways and it still comes up way short. Was my experience an off the shelf bigfoot encounter? Don’t know. Do I believe in some fuzzy assed being like what is being marketed in the media? No, unless The Carl Sagan philosophy is factored in, then maybe. Do I believe that there is something “out there”? Absolutely. I’ve spent a lot of time solo in some very remote places and have seen or heard or, more profoundly , felt…something. Perhaps the String Theory will soon align and answer all of the questions.

    Anyway I really enjoy your writing and hope you keep ’em coming.

    • Mandy F. says:

      Well, dang. I was really looking forward to hearing your Bigfoot story. I understand, though. Writing is a fickle muse. Let me know if you change your mind – I’d love to re-blog it if you do.

  9. Mandy F. says:

    Loved the BIgfoot story, Bob! Thanks for letting me know it was up. SOOOO spooky. I am jealous. 🙂

    • paywindow7 says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you are ever looking for places to take friends or family on an outdoor outing I recommend the Grasslands. There has been some residential development up there over the years so it’s not quite as remote as when we partied with ” Bigfoot ” but it still works as a place to “get away”.
      For more info I’m at: signpilot@sbcglobal.net

  10. paywindow7 says:

    Here is something you might find interesting. There is a local place that does ghost investigations and it’s website is http://www.burlesonhistoricalghosttour.com. Strange how I found out about it but too long a story to tell now. Plus you can use your new investigation equipment. Call 817-295-5121 and ask for Pat.

  11. paywindow7 says:

    Hope it proves to be interesting and enlightening.

  12. paywindow7 says:

    There’s a Sasquatch reveal tonight on the Discovery Channel US at 9:00 pm local. You might want to double check that time. The brush beating tonight is to be by the one and only Les Stroud of “Survivorman”. So the decks will be awash with skepticism but he is also going to pass on some of his curious experiences in the wild and haven’t we all had those.


  13. Joe Cummings says:

    Bigfoot stories are always a win in my household.

    • Mandy F. says:

      Mine too, Joe. The whole Sasquatch phenomenon is fascinating.

      Do you think you guys up in the Great White North get more Bigfoot sightings we do than the US? I do, and I must admit that I am kind of jealous. 🙂

  14. paywindow7 says:

    Thanks for the like on my “Earth’s Music” post, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s always good when you stop by.
    Bob Cloud

  15. paywindow7 says:

    Mandy, thanks for the “Like” on my “Bad Words” post. Hope you’ve made it through the annual Texas Spa that some call summer (although it ain’t over yet) and are ready for some cooler times.

    • Mandy F. says:

      Thanks, Bob! Always love your posts.

      Hope you survived the heat as well. I am SO ready for cooler weather. The squirrels in my neighborhood were picking up nuts with pot holders all summer! 😉

  16. paywindow7 says:

    Pot holders for hot nuts. Yeah well, better than tongs I guess…
    Yes I made it through another one. Every year I swear it will be the last and I’ve left before but something always just seems to draw me back. Gravity, ya think?

  17. Mandy F. says:

    LOL! Texas just gets in your blood. Once a Texan, always a Texas (despite three months of the year spent living on what feels like the surface of the sun.)

  18. paywindow7 says:

    Guess so, been half way around the world, and yet today here I am. Interesting.

  19. paywindow7 says:

    Thanks, Mandy, for the “Like” on my Bucket List post

  20. paywindow7 says:

    Thanks, Mandy, for the “Like” of my Gym Rats post. Hope you are enjoying the “faux fall”.

  21. paywindow7 says:

    Good Morning Mandy. Is the name Sonia Braga familiar to you? I just received an email from Sonia, who is a social marketer, proposing some web services that would improve my blog thingy. Nothing new about that, we all get them but this one was curious because in the subject window is your web address. Being associated with your website is a fun thing to me but the more I thought about it the more I was concerned that perhaps your web security and privacy have been compromised somehow. In her email it was obvious that Sonia is pissed with Google for some reason that includes penguin abuse and that I could improve my social media presence by using her services. I don’t even do social media plus my computer skills are Jurassic so Sonia is shooting way over my head with her suggestions and I would never make it onto her customer base short list. Anyway if you want I will put her name and address here and you can do whatever follow up you want.

    • Mandy F. says:

      Yikes! That’s awful – I’ve never heard of her OR her services. And it really bothers me that she’s using my blog to reach out to people.

      Could you post her info, plz? And sorry for the bother. I have absolutely NO affiliation w anything of the sort.

  22. paywindow7 says:

    Her address is: sonia.braga1430@gmail.com, phone #805-900-0860 I don’t think I would call that phone number yet. I think the company is Digital Marketing and there are no access links in the email to that company and if this is dire, dialing the phone number might give them access to your account. I just received a second one this time with the name Nancy Lewis at the same phone number. There is also something called SKYPE: digital.marketinghm .I’m going to call AT&T to make sure the bug is not coming from inside my tin can.

  23. paywindow7 says:

    I called AT&T fraud department about the spam emails and sent them the information I had received. I’m also going to run a security check on my little bucket of bolts.

  24. paywindow7 says:

    My security check pulled up nothing. AT&T says it’s a phishing run. Well yeah. When the phishing probe crossed my email your website may have been the most recent contact so they used that. If I get any more info I will post it here. If you get anything else let me know.

    • Mandy F. says:

      Will do! Hopefully, we’ll hear nothing else about it. *fingers crossed*

      PS: SO glad you’ re okay after recent surgery! 🙂

      • paywindow7 says:

        Thanks Mandy, I hit the gym today for the first time since the deed last week. Change that, I didn’t hit anything I “eased” back to it. Go slow and light they said. I did and it did with no problems. Felt good to be back.

  25. paywindow7 says:

    This just in: (well not really, it was actually Tuesday I think) anyway the Arizona Department of Transportation (yep, a genuine governmental agency) has issued a notice that a gang of Bigfoot characters was captured on one of their traffic cameras along a rural Arizonan roadside. Ol’ Big must be working to establish his own flash mob.

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