Bizarre Nazi Program to Breed Giant Rabbits Revealed

Details of a weird Nazi breeding program were recently uncovered in an old German archive. It seems that S.S. Chief Heinrich Himmler — occultist, former chicken farmer and all-around bastion of sanity — orchestrated a plan to secretly raise giant Angora rabbits in concentration camps during World War II in order to provide warm, fur-lined coats for Luftwaffe pilots. The program was adorably called Operation Munchkin. For reals.

German Rabbit Program

Members of Operation Munchkin, arguably the cuddliest Nazis ever. 

The rabbits were humanely raised in warm hutches and more than one poor inmate/caretaker was executed for not showing Himmler’s bunnies “enough respect.”


Heinrich Himmler: Rabbit Activist. 

Bunny Wabbit

Stare into the face of evil. Snuggly, wuggly evil.