Mysterious Creepy Clown Caught on Tape

A not-at-all-insane person has been spotted lurking around the town of Northampton in the U.K. dressed like a homicidal clown. He never speaks — he just stares at people as they walk/run by trying not to scream, presumably to the store to buy replacement underpants.


Here he is, being absolutely fucking terrifying while holding toy balloons

Imagine running into this at night:


Don’t mind me. I’m just here to eat your soul. 

Chuckles Manson up there was recently captured on video for the first time, silently being creepy as shit in a fountain.

While remaining anonymous, the mystery man described his behavior to a local newspaper as “just a bit of harmless fun.” He then climbed into a windowless van full of shovels and duct tape and asked for directions to the nearest kindergarten.