KKK Member Tries to Sell Mysterious X-Ray Weapon to Synagogue

I know that this sounds like the set-up to an incredibly insensitive joke but it’s true. A General Electric engineer (and part-time KKK member) recently solicited both the KKK and a synagogue to provide financial backing for a creepy particle-radiation weapon he planned to build. WTF?

I thought the KKK hated everyone, including Jewish people. Not sure if I should congratulate the Klan for being inclusive or commiserate with the rabbi for having to deal with such a giant bag of dicks.

Luckily both the KKK and the rabbi ratted him out to the Feds and he was arrested before he could complete what was basically a giant weaponized microwave — proving that if you are crazy enough for the KKK and a synagogue to team up against you, you are indeed batshit.


Hey, ya’ll. I use mine to melt butter.