Best of Fort Worth: The Mambo Taxi

Okay, so far the blog’s been about ghosts, secret tunnels, Bigfoot and Star Wars. Everything but Fort Worth, right? Allow me to rectify this situation.

The best cocktail available in Fort Worth is, hands down, the fabulous Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina. It tastes like margarita, sangria and a little bit of heaven all swirled into one glass of frosty goodness. There’s also a version called the Mambo Limousine but that’s just a Mambo Taxi in a bigger glass. Trust me, you’re going to want to go with the Taxi. These things are potent. Mi Cocina also has amazing salsa, but I digress.

Behold, the King of Cowtown Cocktails: the magnificent Mambo Taxi.

Mambo Taxi

I think it’s called a Mambo Taxi because  you have to call a cab if you drink more than two.

kang_kodos angry

Kang: That was only moderately funny at best. 

Kodos: Agreed.  We shall activate the Destructo-Ray…. right after some final probing. Quick, locate the one they call Justin Bieber.