Happy April Fool’s Day!

In order to prank a friend for April Fool’s Day, my friend Kevin posted his car for sale on Craig’s List. I helped by writing the copy for the ad. It was hilarious.  Well, it was hilarious to everyone except the car owner, who has VOWED REVENGE. All the trade items listed are things that he hates. Especially rats. (The Brokeback Fountain reference is an inside joke.) Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Check it out:

CL > dallas > fort worth > all for sale / wanted > cars & trucks – by owner

Posted: 2013-04-01, 3:53PM CDT

Chrysler 300 – $8000 (Saginaw)


For sale or trade: one barely driven 2009 Dark Blue Chrysler 300. As a traveling magician, I am looking to upgrade my ride to a bigger model in order to hold more magic top hats and rabbits. Asking price is $8,000. However, I am a huge fan of Mexican food and pickles. Also, I absolutely LOVE rats of any shape, size or color. So, if you have an abundance of any of those items (esp. rats), I am willing to talk about a trade situation. (Will also do a straight-up trade for a Brokeback Fountain in good working condition.) For more information, call Black Magic at….


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