Together Forever: A Possible Ghost Story…

An acquaintance recently told me something very interesting. A true story that is also possibly a ghostly one.

She has a relative who was blessed with twin baby girls four years ago: Isabel and Maribel. (Names changed for privacy.) Sadly, Maribel had complications from birth and passed away at the age of four months. Fast forward to today. Isabel, now a lively preschooler, often plays alone in her room and holds long conversations with an invisible friend . When the family asks her who she’s talking to, she casually tells them that she’s talking to Maribel, and that she sees her sister all the time. She also tells them that she dreams about Maribel a lot, and in those dreams they play and laugh. Maribel is as real to Isabel as any other member of the family.

There’s no way that the living twin could remember her sister, since she died when they were only four months old. Is Maribel an just an imaginary friend or is she really coming back to play with her twin? Personally, I think Maribel is real. What do you think?


2 Comments on “Together Forever: A Possible Ghost Story…”

  1. Anita says:

    Whoa great picture for this post where did you find it? As for Maribel…I think either way she’s real and the more her sister interacts with her the more she comes to life.

  2. Mandy F. says:

    Wow, Anita. I never thought of it like that. What a COOL way to look at it. I’m changing my vote: I think you are right — either way, Maribel gets more real.Thanks for such an insightful post!

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