If you’ve seen “A Fish Called Wanda” you know that one of the funniest bits is when Kevin Kline’s near-psychotic jewel thief gets upset about something and repeatedly yells: “DISAPPOINTED!” (Trust me, it’s funny.)

Well, that is how I felt on Saturday. I went with a local paranormal group to tour the Top o’ The Hills Terrace (which is now a Baptist college). Since it was with a paranormal research group, I naturally assumed that we would be allowed to set up our ghost hunting equipment and lurk about. (The grounds were home to an illegal casino in the 30s and 40s and several murders supposedly took place at that time.)

I should have known I was screwed when our tour guide proudly announced that she was so staunchly religious that she’s never allowed a deck of cards into her home. No way was she going to let us set EVP recorders in the middle of her Baptist College. And I’d taken the tour before, so it was a total waste of time.

However, the main building is fascinating. When it was a casino, the owner had secret rooms and tunnels leading outside built into the structure. If there was a police raid on the casino, the gambling equipment was shoved into a secret room and the guests were hustled through the secret tunnels outside to the tea garden, where food and drinks were planted. Genius!

The college built up the floors of the main building during renovations, so the two secret tunnels that have been discovered are located about four feet below the current floor. Below are pics of the two tunnels. (Rumor has it that there are more to be discovered.) These tunnels were spooky (particularly the second one) and I’d love to get in there with some ghostbusting equipment. *Sigh*


I like how the secret passageway has very stylish tile flooring. Nothing but the best for illegal gamblers!

Secret Tunnel 2

Gruesome Fun Fact: This tunnel is located behind the kitchen and leads out into brush behind the building.  During the casino’s heyday, the land surrounding it was very rural and home to several pig farms. According to witnesses, dead bodies were sometimes taken out through this tunnel and then fed to the local pigs. Effective but seriously gross.

Together Forever: A Possible Ghost Story…

An acquaintance recently told me something very interesting. A true story that is also possibly a ghostly one.

She has a relative who was blessed with twin baby girls four years ago: Isabel and Maribel. (Names changed for privacy.) Sadly, Maribel had complications from birth and passed away at the age of four months. Fast forward to today. Isabel, now a lively preschooler, often plays alone in her room and holds long conversations with an invisible friend . When the family asks her who she’s talking to, she casually tells them that she’s talking to Maribel, and that she sees her sister all the time. She also tells them that she dreams about Maribel a lot, and in those dreams they play and laugh. Maribel is as real to Isabel as any other member of the family.

There’s no way that the living twin could remember her sister, since she died when they were only four months old. Is Maribel an just an imaginary friend or is she really coming back to play with her twin? Personally, I think Maribel is real. What do you think?