Twitter Verifies Official Sasquatch Account

Twitter recently verified a Twitter account for Sasquatch, which they only do for actual famous people. So clearly he exists. Case closed. Also, the big guy is apparently shilling for a jerky company. (Sellout.)

You can follow him at @mesasquatch. He tweets a lot about squirrels. And how best to eat them. Good times.


Posting selfies with other celebs is so tacky. 

3 Comments on “Twitter Verifies Official Sasquatch Account”

  1. Anita says:

    Lol I guess Twitter’s verified status standards aren’t very high after all. And sasquatch is the last thing I want to think about while eating jerky 0_0.

    • Mandy F. says:

      LOL – so true. And all those squirrel recipes do not put me in a jerky-eating mood, either. Sasquatch is surprisingly funny, though. Who knew?

  2. Judy says:

    Ah, Mandy, you never disappoint. Have you seen the news regarding a possible link between humans and lemurs? I didn’t read any of it. Just looked at the photo. I’m a warrior for the truth, but my eyes are getting old and I can’t afford new bifocals. You understand. 🙂

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