“No Faint Hearts in Fort Worth” Reference in Today’s FW Star-Telegra

There’s a great article in today’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram talking about an upcoming event at TCU next month remembering JFK’s impact on Fort Worth. The article mentions the President’s famous quote about Fort Worth — the title of this very blog.

Check it out, ya’ll.


Side note: My dad was the “other reporter” that went with Bob Schieffer to pick up Marguerite Oswald and take her to the Dallas police station to see her son, Lee Harvey.

“Schieffer asked the woman for her address so he and another reporter could give her a ride to Dallas.”

My father — Bill Foster — was the automotive editor for the Star-Telegram at the time and drove Bob and Mrs. Oswald (who he described to me as “bizarre, rambling and unhinged”) to the Dallas police station. I really wish that the Star-Telegram would have the professional courtesy to mention Dad by name whenever this comes up. (And it comes up every November.)

Always the gentleman, Bob does mention Dad in his excellent book “This Just In: What I Couldn’t Tell You on TV” — which I recommend if you are interested in the JFK assassination.

Thanks to the ever-awesome Kang for sending! 🙂

Lee Harvey Oswald being shot

Too soon? 

2 Comments on ““No Faint Hearts in Fort Worth” Reference in Today’s FW Star-Telegra”

  1. Very interesting that your father was one of the reporters…I read the book by Lee Harvey Oswald’s mistress…her version of the events that led up to the JFK’s assassination. The book was quite detailed and full of interesting photos..lots of information about Oswald that I had not read before. On another note, thanks for following my blog. Yours is very interesting and lots of fun…I will definitely be back for more..

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