Zombie Survival Store Opens in Florida


Zombie Survival Army/Navy Store recently opened in Orlando, FL. It sells typical Army/Navy store stuff — camouflage jackets, ammo boxes, etc. — but it also features a pretty broad selection of supplies to help you survive a zombie apocalypse, such as MRE’s and first aid kits.


Although if you get a wicked zombie bite, I’m not sure a Band-Aid will help. 

More usefully, they have a shit-ton of knives for sale.


Don’t think of it as a machete; think of it as a portable zombie guillotine. 

So when the zombie apocalypse comes, head to Orlando to stock up on supplies. And trust no one.


5 Comments on “Zombie Survival Store Opens in Florida”

  1. Judy Lawson says:

    Well Mandy, you’ve done it again. Entertaining and informative. I know people (mostly Bun) think I’m a nerd, but I really do think having MREs on hand is a good idea. That, and a small machine gun. And a machete. And bottled water. And an underground bunker. Other than that, I think those survivalists are just plain crazy.

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