Thanksgiving UFO Sighted in Fort Worth

That would be a Unidentified Fowl Object, i.e., the turkey veggie platter I made for Thanksgiving this year. I saw it on Pinterest, the crafty crack cocaine of the Interwebs,

Turkey Veggie Tray

I am obsessed with Pinterest; I may need a Pintervention

And if space creatures were on the fence about whether or not to take over the planet, the following clip of a Black Friday riot at Wal-Mart will convince them that we’re a terrible species in need of alien overlords. Please note that the lady being arrested for assault never loosens her death grip on that TV, even when the hot Channing Tatum-esque cops tries to cuff her.

The true meaning of Christmas: choking out your fellow man for a 32″ flat-screen. God bless us everyone.

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