Who Wants to See Wolfcop?

LAUGH your ass off as Wolfcop fights a gang of toothless rednecks!

THRILL as Wolfcop takes a blow to the head from a cultist wearing a (I am guessing) Honey Boo Boo mask!

CHEER as Wolfcop starts howling along with his own police siren!

(This is an actual movie that is being made. Swear to God. Thanks to FOB Kevin Pendergraft for his reliably hilarious emails.)

And now, because I just figured out how to do polls…  a poll on Wolfcop! Go ahead – take the poll. You know you want to.

4 Comments on “Who Wants to See Wolfcop?”

  1. Judy Lawson says:

    I didn’t think I could be any happier today, but Wolfcop did it for me. Hooray!

  2. j.joly says:

    Thanks for support! We had lots of fun making the picture. Check out our indiegogo to get you hands on lots of killer WOLFCOP schwag: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wolfcop-7-5-inch-action–2

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