Brazilian Town on Werewolf Alert!

Authorities in the town of São Gonçalo de Campos in Brazil issued a curfew requiring residents to stay inside after 9 p.m. since locals started reporting sightings of something that looks quite a bit like a werewolf.


Although to be fair, in this screenshot it also looks quite a bit like a picnic table. 

The “monster” was caught on security footage in someone’s back yard. It’s almost certainly a hoax but it’s still pretty damn creepy. Check it out:

Who Wants to See Wolfcop?

LAUGH your ass off as Wolfcop fights a gang of toothless rednecks!

THRILL as Wolfcop takes a blow to the head from a cultist wearing a (I am guessing) Honey Boo Boo mask!

CHEER as Wolfcop starts howling along with his own police siren!

(This is an actual movie that is being made. Swear to God. Thanks to FOB Kevin Pendergraft for his reliably hilarious emails.)

And now, because I just figured out how to do polls…  a poll on Wolfcop! Go ahead – take the poll. You know you want to.