Jersey Devil Spotted In Oklahoma?

Cryptozoology fans were intrigued by a recent photo taken in Oklahoma of a mysterious animal bounding over a fence. The favorite theory was that it was The Jersey Devil. The creature (seen below) has now been identified as a hairless squirrel, much to the disappointment of crypto-buffs everywhere.

jersey devil in Oklahoma

“Goddamn paparazzi won’t leave a brother alone.”  

I think it looks more like Hellboy.


Case closed. That poor squirrel doesn’t look a thing  like the original Jersey Devil, described as a short, bizarre creature (seen below) that terrorized New Jersey.


Still more attractive than Snooki. 

2 Comments on “Jersey Devil Spotted In Oklahoma?”

  1. Judy Lawson says:

    I’m with you, Mandy. No way that’s the Jersey Devil. I think they should explore your Hellboy theory. Except he’s red, right?

  2. Mandy F. says:

    Hellboy is red. Perhaps they are cousins? Ha,

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