Chinese Jet vs. UFO: The UFO Won

An Air China Boeing 757 recently collided with an unknown flying object (UFO) at 26,000 feet, causing the pilots to make an emergency landing. When the plane reached the ground, the pilots were in for a shock — the nose cone of the plane was completely caved in. Check it out below:

Nosecone 1

Nothing to see here. Move along. 

What’s even weirder is that the pilots didn’t see anything in their flight path. They just suddenly heard a loud bang and felt an abrupt, metallic impact. I’m not saying they did run into a UFO with a cloaking device engaged.  I’m not saying they didn’t run into a UFO with a cloaking device engaged. But I am saying cloaking device a lot.

*cough cough* TOTES A UFO! *cough cough*

Nosecone 2

Official Chinese Government Explanation: “Blah, blah, swamp gas, blah, blah, weather balloon, blah blah, possibly a flock of geese. Blah.”

The Law of Physics: “Fuck you.”