Haunted B&B: Come for the Ghosts, Stay for the Sex Demon

The Ancient Ram Inn, a 12th-century B&B located in the U.K., is considered to be one of the most haunted sites in England, according to the owners. Not only is it home to more than 20 ghosts, the Inn (which was built on top of the obligatory pagan graveyard) also claims to have its own sex demon that likes to get its freak on with the guests.


Gene: “Did someone say SEX DEMON?!?” *Does terrifying geriatric movements with his tongue*

Me: “Will someone please escort Mr. Simmons back to the home? It’s almost time for Matlock.” 

Do you have to pay extra for the demon sex? Please tell me there’s at least an established safe word.

sex demon

Kimaris the Corruptor: “Do I make you horny, baby?” *bad Austin Powers impression*

Female Guest: “ZEBRA! I repeat: ZEBRA!”