Does this tree look like Elvis?

Residents of Herefordshire, England, are all shook up over a tree that they claim looks like Elvis. I think it looks like Rockabilly Lincoln With A Goiter. You be the judge.


Four score and seven years ago, I had a thyroid problem. 

3 Comments on “Does this tree look like Elvis?”

  1. Joe Rocco says:

    I’m seeing a LIncoln resemblance from here

  2. paywindow7 says:

    Elvis? Naaa, more the rockin’ Lincoln for sure. Or a maybe a side view mug shot of that Bieber kid at about 3:00 AM when his pompadour deflates. He hates when that happens.

  3. Judy Lawson says:

    It depends upon which side you’re looking at. har har

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