New Sea Serpent Sighting in San Francisco Bay!

Bill and Bob Clark — who run an excellent blog called SF Sea Serpent — just contacted me to let me know of an exciting new sighting sent to them by a very credible witness. The details of his email are listed below. Thanks to Bill and Bob for sharing this with NFHIFW and stay turned for a long overdue interview with these gentlemen to be posted here soon. And be sure to check out their fascinating blog if you are interested in sea serpents or sea monsters.

Note: The witness’ name has been removed to protect his identity.

—–Forwarded Message—–
From: Name removed
Sent: Oct 30, 2014 9:31 PM
To: “
Subject: Sighting?


I’ve followed your blog for a while and am aware of your incredible experience.  I travel between Sacramento and San Francisco several times a month.  On my way back from San Francisco early this afternoon on the Carquinez  Bridge, I noticed a curious black object in the water just west of the bridge. I was driving east bound and looking to my left and I could see underneath and slightly west of the west bound bridge when I noticed the object.  It was black, not shiny but not dull, either. It was sort of hump shaped.  Understand that I only caught sight of this object for several seconds as I was driving away from it, now looking back over my left shoulder.  In those several seconds I observed the following:

The object was black, smooth, and hump shaped.

Hard to judge size as there was nothing man made near it but I would estimate the object to be approximately 4’ long and 2-3’ wide..

The object did not seem to be moving.

It slowly sank vertically out of sight in the few seconds I observed it.

I noticed no horizontal movement, no splashing, no wake. I have seen porpoise and whales but never in the Straight and they are typically a grey or dark grey in color. There was no dorsal fin.

The water was fairly calm and there were no ships or boats in the straight. No wake was evident.  The day was partly sunny and warm. It was about 1:15 PM.

I am a former Marine Corps pilot and have had extensive experience flying up and down the California coast and I have seen whales, porpoise, sharks, and sea lions from the air.  I am fairly certain what I saw was not any sea mammal I am familiar with.  I got the impression it was an animate object and not trash or debris in the water.  I would think that a large sea lion might be possible but that would not be in keeping with my past observations of those animals.  I don’t really know what I saw but it was very strange, especially so close to the bridge.

I have never seen a “sea serpent”. I believe that the vast number of so called sea serpent sightings are cases of mistaken identity or just hoaxes.   I have read “The Great New England Sea Serpent” by O’Neill and I think so many sightings could not be groundless and so I try to keep an open mind.  I thought you might appreciate my experience.

Name removed

Killing Bigfoot This Friday

A new cryptozoology documentary airs this Friday, Oct. 24, on the Destination America cable network. Set in Texas and Louisiana, the show follows the hunters/trackers of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) as they scour the woods for a Yeti to shoot. That sounds heartless, but their premise is that they are basically paranormal exterminators who are only out to kill “nuisance” Sasquatches.

Depending on their definition of “nuisance”, I fully support this.
Have you heard the Good News about Jehovah?”

Weirdo Book Club – American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America

I’m introducing a new feature to NFHIFW: book reviews. For weirdos*.

*And by weirdos, I mean people who like to read about Big Foot, UFOs, Nessie and Roswell and anything else that would intrigue Fox Mulder. In short, people like me. And clearly you, since you’re reading this blog.

First up on the Weirdo Bookshelf is American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America by Linda S. Godfrey. This book has it all: sea serpents, giant bats and monkey men. Godfrey covers the monsters of America from pre-Columbian times to modern-day sightings. Plus, check out the lifelike illustrations. (And by lifelike, I mean inadvertently hilarious.)

monsters 2

A werewolf, an alien and Bigfoot walk into a bar…

Behold! The Vampire Squirrel of Borneo

Scientists recently shot a rare photo of the elusive Vampire Squirrel of Borneo, seen below looking like a short, angry weaponized kangaroo. The Vampire Squirrel, which gets its nickname from its rumored taste for deer blood, is twice the size of a regular squirrel and has the bushiest tail of any known species.

In summary: Weirdest. Squirrel. Ever.

vampire squirrelPhil Spector

Taste for blood? Check. Giant afro? Check. Totally nuts? Check and mate. 


“Sea Monster” Sighting! Rare Oarfish Captured on Video

Oarfish are an extremely rare species that is rarely seen alive, as it prefers to live in deep ocean waters. These red-crested beauties can grow up to a length of 36 feet and look more like snakes than fish, leading scientists to believe that oarfish sightings may have been responsible for sea serpent reports of the past.


I can’t imagine why. 

Oarfish are usually very shy, so tourists in Mexico were recently surprised when a couple of uncharacteristically outgoing specimens showed up in shallow waters near the Sea of Cortes, apparently looking to party.

“Okay, okay… you don’t date fish. Geez, I can take a hint.”


Know Your Cryptids: The Snallygaster

Half-bird, half-reptile, the giant snallygaster has been terrorizing people in Maryland since the 1700s. It supposedly swoops down on its prey and flies away with them clutched in its metallic claws. Some versions of the snallygaster even report the beast sporting tentacles — all the better to snatch you with.


Why does it always have to be tentacles?

First reported by German settlers in 1735, the monster was originally called the “schnelle geist” – German for “fast ghost.” This later became bastardized to snallygaster, because — let’s face it – that’s just more fun to say. In it heyday, the snallygaster was pretty famous. Not Bigfoot-famous (it wishes!) but famous enough for Teddy Roosevelt to have a go at hunting it. At least according to the shady yellow journalism-style papers popular at the time. 

Snallygaster Newspaper Hoax

As he scraped Merle’s charred remains into a tote sack, Willie realized the shotguns were were not well thought out.  

San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Sighting?

According to Mysterious Destinations Magazine, twins Bob and Bill Clark saw a giant snake-like sea monster chase a sea lion through San Francisco Bay in 1985. You can check out their interview here. Reports of a sea serpent in the Bay go back to 1895, yet the monster still doesn’t have a catchy nickname like Nessie or Ogopogo.


Sir Humps-A-Lot? 

Sounds Like a Sleestak

Last month, a group of Arizona mountain bikers were startled to run into what they described as a “reptilian humanoid” in the middle of a trail in Sonoran Desert.

The witness told Cryptozoology News that the lizard man was man-sized and bipedal, but appeared to some kind of reptile-primate hybrid. So basically a Sleestak.


I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

This Week in Werewolf News…

Following last week’s story about a “werewolf” sighting in Brazil, NFHIFW is on bit of a werewolf roll… with more lycanthrope-related stories for you.

First, behold the terrifying adorableness of the Werewolf Kitten — a new breed of cat that has been bred to look like a werewolf — if it weighed five pounds and answered to the name of Mr. Snugglepants, that is.

Werewolf kitteh

The full moon! Bloodlust rising. I must find a victim to maim and… hey, is that a felt mouse? 

And because not a week can go by without America embracing some fad weight loss plan, I give you: the Werewolf Diet. Although running through the forest naked and howling at the moon would probably burn some extra calories, the basic gist of the program is fasting during the full moon.

Bodybuilder Werewolf

And lots of crunches, by the looks of it. 

The diet must work, though, because when I Googled werewolf pictures for this story, they were all surprisingly muscular and buff. In almost a sexual way. As if there was such a thing as werewolf porn. Oh, dear God. There’s werewolf porn.

That link is NSFL (Not Safe For Life). Do not click on it.

In summary: Werewolf Kittens – adorable. Werewolf Diet – dubious. Werewolf Porn – Rule 34 strikes again. I should really make a terrible joke about werewolves getting lots of tail at this point but I need to go scrub my brain with bleach.

Brazilian Town on Werewolf Alert!

Authorities in the town of São Gonçalo de Campos in Brazil issued a curfew requiring residents to stay inside after 9 p.m. since locals started reporting sightings of something that looks quite a bit like a werewolf.


Although to be fair, in this screenshot it also looks quite a bit like a picnic table. 

The “monster” was caught on security footage in someone’s back yard. It’s almost certainly a hoax but it’s still pretty damn creepy. Check it out: